Featured Artist

What exactly is a "featured artist" and what did I get myself into?   

Many months ago, more then 6 now, Carolyn Huff from Carolyn Huff's Studio and Gallery asked me to be a featured artist at her gallery.  My first thought was: "me really no way"!  Then my mind quickly wondered to: "what the heck am I going to show that hasn't already been seen".   

The decision was made to do another large flower about 50 x 60.  Deciding on a photo of a beautiful flower with pinks, burgundies and violets was my perfect choice and a quilt I'd been wanting to make was being born.  

Gathering fabrics was the first order of business and meant 'fabric shopping', something I'm really good at. After 6 weeks of cutting, fusing and putting this beauty together I decided I hated it!  So pushing it aside I needed to come up with something for inspiration and to calm my self chatter about, "now what are you gonna do" and "Oh I'll just not accept Carolyn Huff's offer".

Many months prior to her offer I had  signed up for an online work shop with Katie Pasquini Masopust through iQuilt.  It was the exact inspiration I need to jumpstart my "Trios" series.  Over the next several months I painted, embellished, cut up and reassembled fabric canvas to create 5 pieces for the series.  I do see more pieces in the future for "Trios". 

Needless to say life got really busy for us-there was a love filled celebration of life service, 2 amazing  weddings, a personal surgery laying me up for weeks before and after surgery, a son needing me for a few days and the overseeing care of my in laws with dentist and doctor appointments as well as family visits taking up days that were planned to be used to get ready for the show. 

In the end I'm overwhelmed with excitement about  the pieces that were completed and pleased with the things I pushed off my plate, as well as satisfied with the things I kept and the many unexpected hours spent with family .  Most importantly I'm grateful that I was given the ability to handle life on a daily basis with grace and ease.  I love my family to the ends of the earth and back and wouldn't trade a finished piece of art to not have each day I've been granted with them.  

With ``petal to the metal` so to speak, everything got done, even if it meant breaking in new heels for my sons wedding and sewing at the same time. 

The show is currently listed under "Events".

 photo by Barbara Grandon

photo by Barbara Grandon